Mr Shifter


This 4-piece band is a blend of 2 successful bands that have been playing around the city for years...The Geronimo Band, who play with American country singer James Ray, plus "rhythm & soul" group The Blue Jaffas. They have individually worked with Tom Sharplin's band, Rick Bryant & the Jivebombers, The Yandall Sister's Shows, the Alibis, North Harbour Rockers, the Celine Toner Show, and many more . . .

RICK COTTER   drums/vocals
GREG O'DONNELL   bass/vocals
KEITH PRICTOR   guitar/vocals
MAL SMITH   keyboards
ROSS TIZARD ... occasional guest member


The songlist has been designed for the proven tastes of the dancing and sing-along audiences. It contains Country and Rock n Roll Hits plus Middle-NZ Pop Favourites.
Mr. Shifter has the unique feature that 3 members are lead singers, so the emphasis is on quality vocals, and harmonies. These guys love to play this music, and it shows.

CONTACT: RICK COTTER   (027) 5522 397