The Trail Benders

The Trail Benders are an exciting, new country band with an authentic country sound with a great blend of tight harmonies, country twang and versatile musicianship.

Keith Pereira (lead singer and guitarist) is a versatile singer/guitarist who has recently announced himself on the NZ country music scene through success on the country awards circuit and his growing social media presence. His collaborations with aspiring and established country artists from around NZ have gained popularity and attention in NZ and overseas.

Dan Cosgrove (lead guitarist and singer) is a well-established singer and a top tier country guitarist on the New Zealand country music scene who plays in numerous bands all over the country. Dan brings a fresh yet lively sound with a characteristic country twang, quite often described as "guitar-driven country rock". Dan has just released his brand-new album and is excited to promote his passion for music.

Nick Jones (fiddle and keys player) is a session musician, entertainer and teacher. A Jazz school graduate, classically trained on the piano and violin, Nick's exceptional ability on the fiddle is a rarity on the NZ country music scene and adds a unique sound to The Trail Benders. He regularly performs in all styles of music, professionally, in local bars, clubs and in corporate entertainment.

Karl Pereira (bass guitarist and singer), at just 20 years of age, already has 9 years of experience as a bass guitarist with an established covers band. He has played at a wide variety of events ranging from weddings to corporate events. He is currently in his third year of Mechatronics Engineering at the University of Auckland.

Jordan Tannen (drummer) is a jazz trained drummer who enjoys playing a variety of musical styles. He has also spent some time with Universal Music Publishing Group as a composer and producer. Recently realising his passion for country music, he joined The Trail Benders and is looking forward to enjoying the journey ahead with the band.